Active Cooling Products

Active Cooling Products

Active cooling, refers to cooling technologies that rely on an external device to enhance heat transfer. Through active cooling technologies, the rate of fluid flow increases during convection, which dramatically increases the rate of heat removal.

Active cooling solutions include forced air through a fan or blower, forced liquid, and thermoelectric coolers (TECs), which can be used to optimize thermal management on all levels. Fans are used when natural convection is insufficient to remove heat. They are commonly integrated into electronics, such as a computer case, or are attached to CPUs, hard drives or chipsets to maintain thermal conditions and reduce failure risk.

The main disadvantage of active thermal management is that it requires the use of electricity and therefore results in higher costs, compared to passive cooling.

Thermoelectric Cooling

Thermoelectric Cooler

A Thermoelectric cooler (TEC) functions as a small heat pump or Generator

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Liquid Cooling

Cold Plate

A Liquid Cooled Cold Plate removes high rates of heat with very low fluid flow

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Heat Exchanger

Radian Heat Exchanger

A Heat Exchanger provides efficient heat dissipation in a compact design

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